We produce audiovisual content for International schools, global educators and agents of social transformation with creativity and excellence.

For a decade, our films have inspired and empowered educators and game changers around the world so they can reach the transformation they desire.

Together we’re building a better world and telling everyone about it.


Flávia Angélico

Prior to founding, FILMISTAS Flávia worked as a documentary filmmaker and as a teacher for 20 years. Having lived in multiple countries she worked in many international production companies such as Granada USA, NY Times TV, Paradiso Films and Fundação Cásper Libero. Flávia is responsible for the unique methodology used in the production of every audiovisual solution created for her extensive list of great clients. She studied Film at Yale University and Philosophy in Europe.

Fernando Kawai

Founder of FILMISTAS Fernando has 17 years of experience in Filmmaking. Worked and still works for some the best production companies in Brazil such as O2 Filmes, Paranoid BR, Movie & Art, Sentimental and others. Fernando is the DOP and Editor of the house and uses his extensive technical knowledge in digital cinema to turn real stories into great films.